Change Management

Together with you, we transcend old corporate and organisational borders and

create the basis for a new organisational culture and an altogether more innovative work environment.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT for specialists and executives

Planned organisational change or even change management is vital in these times of globalisation and digitisation and the altered ways of working that are associated with these to ensure sustainable entrepreneurial success and to stay connected.

We support you in the strategy development process, illuminate your company organisation and culture together with you, define the actual state, and develop the right steps towards the target state.

We know the success factors, particularly when it comes to international expansion, and help you avoid typical mistakes and set up your company with optimum performance capacity.

Core areas of consultancy

  • Sustainable Change Management SCM executive development programme (Modules I – IV)
  • (International) project management
  • (Intercultural) change communication
  • Cultural change
  • Matrix systems
  • Structuring / restructuring of (international) systems
  • New international orientation of the organisation


A change management programme developed by the Joyful Group, Sweden.

– Manage using values and integrity –

A programme for executives

  • four-step program for CEOs
  • three-step program for 2nd-tier management

Sustainably successful managers create an organisational culture based on clear values with your function as a role model and the resulting credibility, your strong commitment and your dialogue-oriented communication. Your employees are actively involved as key personnel in your change processes.

SCM will teach you how to develop a sustainably successful corporate culture, how to accompany your employees through the change process with inspiration and thus improve your business results through the development of the human factor.